Istruzioni per l'installazione

  1. Install yourselves please as the first the program PoiEdit on your computer. You can download the current version of the side

  2. Please, start the program PoiEdit on your computer.

  3. Click on "open autoupdate Manger" or the key "F8".

  4. Users of the newest PoiEdit version find in the left window a link too Click on this link and jump over the next point of the guide.

  5. Now on the Button "ADD" click. In the opening window you give please and confirm with "ok".

  6. Click on "Set/Change password" and enter your entrance data to .

  7. PoiEdit is ready for the Download. You can now specify which data are to be downloaded. Mark the data, which need you for your navigation system, and select the Button "Local".

    Note: With some systems the data can be stored also directly on the navigation system. Here you select please the button "ActivSync". In which folder you must the files to store, take you please from the respective guides.

    Navigation systems for ActivSync:
    TomTom Gomore at step 4 of the TomTom Go installation guide
    TomTom Navigatormore at step 4 of the TomTom Navigator installation guide
    Destinator 6more in the Destinator installation guide
    Navigation systems for Local:
    Garminmore in the Garmin installation guide
    DestinatorConsolemore in the Destinator installation guide
    Navmanmore in the Navman installation guide
    ViaMichelinmore at step 2 of the ViaMichelin installation guide
  8. In the opening window you select the memory place and the image format according to their navigation system.

  9. PoiEdit is now ready for producing the overlay files. Click please on the button "AutoUpdateNow".

  10. The overlay files are produced and stored in the file selected before.

The made attitudes are stored for updates later. For updating the files you start then only PoiEdit and select "AutoUpdateNow" or press the key "F9".